28 Sept. 89% of Australian citizens call for 25% emissions cuts or higher in global consultation with 38 countries

Right on the tail of the UN Summit on Climate Change in New York City, this weekend ordinary citizens from all corners of the world met to express their views on climate change and how a future climate deal should be shaped.



This was the world’s first global citizen consultation, by far the biggest event of its kind, being run in Australia by the University of Technology, Sydney.

Australia was the first country to come on-line, because of our time zone. This group of 100 were selected completely at random and brought to Australia from all States and territories – as far afield as Humpty Doo, Broome, Launceston, Cairns and Kapunda. Of our group 74 % say the price of fossil fuels should be increased to deal with climate change. They also want a legally binding global agreement.

During the day, over 4,000 citizens in 38 countries around the world deliberated on climate policy under the headline: World Wide Views on Global Warming. In countries as diverse as Canada, China, Uganda, Indonesia, and Chile, citizens with different backgrounds and in all ages discussed how politicians should handle global warming.

In the Australian group an overwhelming majority think that a global climate deal is urgent and should be made at COP15 in December 2009. If it happens, 94% believe Australian politicians should give high priority to joining it.

A full 99% said there should be reduction targets for Annex 1 countries for the short term and 89% said they should be 25% or higher, significantly more than what many countries have on the table. Two-thirds believe countries that do not meet their commitments under a new climate deal be subjected to “severe” or “significant” punishment.

Citizens were given the same information material in all 38 countries, which presented them with different dilemmas in the climate debate. Citizens answered the same questions, composed by The Danish Board of Technology, on the basis of this material and their own views and experience. Results from all countries were fed live to the web.

Global citizen consultation

The purpose of World Wide Views is to pass on the opinions of ordinary citizens to political decision-makers. Results from World Wide Views are being delivered directly to Australian politicians and leaders right around the world, who this December will be making decisions with far-reaching consequences for the future of the planet. During the 24-hours online event, three international expert panels have been commenting on results as they come in and making live videoconferences.

ALLL GLOBAL RESULTS: www.wwviews.org

AUSTRALIA’S EVENT: /about-wwviews



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