Event Process

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WWViews is a process of global citizen deliberation on climate change. It brought members of the general public together to hear balanced expert opinions on climate change, discuss different views face-to-face in small groups, vote on questions, and propose and prioritise action recommendations.

Participants were not invited on the basis of their knowledge or qualifications; instead adult citizens were randomly invited to ensure the group closely reflects the demographic diversity of the whole community. In deliberative processes like these, citizens have the opportunity to learn what competing experts and stakeholder groups think, to test their ideas against those of people holding different views, and to reach a considered judgment that integrates all of this new information with their own values, worldview and life experience.

Although 100 citizens were involved in each WWViews event around the world, the process involves face-to-face discussions in small groups. In some participating countries where advanced communications technologies may not be available to the organisers, this will only be possible by bringing everyone together in one location. To make the process as similar as possible in all countries, every participating country will bring participants together in one location in that country.

Participants around the world used the same background reading material on climate change (translated into local languages), the same information videos, and deliberated on the same set of questions in the voting sessions. Each country’s participating citizens also came up with a set of recommendations for the climate talks in Copenhagen.

Links and Downloads

FAQs about the process

Participant background reading (pdf)

Videos shown to participants (opens website in a new tab or window)

Questions used in sessions (pdf)

The international project (goes to global website)