The Event


In Australia one hundred people were randomly chosen from all States and Territories to broadly reflect the national demographics of age, ethnicity, income, family type, education and gender.

Prior to the day, participants received information on the top climate issues. On the day they will deliberate and discuss set questions, then vote, providing a group answer to a set of pre-set questions. The participants considered set questions under several themes. The reading, information videos and the questions are now available in pdf, see links below.

Over the course of 24 hours, other nations held exactly the same process, providing a global set of answers to the same questions on climate change. Together, the answers are being compiled into recommendations for each nation’s political leaders and communities.

Links and Downloads

FAQs about the process

Participant background reading (pdf)

Questions used in sessions (pdf)

Videos shown to participants (opens website in a new tab or window)

The international project